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In 2004 the „virtualmachines.biz Testcenter“ was the first of its kind worldwide to our knowledge. At the moment there is no comparison. For prospective customers of VMware ESX server this was the first opportunity given, in order to comfortably test the full extent and functions of VMware via the Internet and with the ability to use up to date services and hardware. Since 2008 the project is named Datacenter On Demand. New technologies and hardware are been constantly added to our test centre.


What advantages do I have by using the d-on-d?

The d-on-d is an autonomous IT environment. In this environment you are able to conduct SW-Installations and configurations as if you were physically standing directly in front of the servers. The test proximity is based on current, professional IT equipment and offers you the option while testing the VMware ESX server, VMware VirtualCenter and VMware VMotion that all features of the software can be tested and examined.

    Overview of the advantages:
1 Time is saved by not having to acquire test servers. Time is further saved by not having to install and dismantle the hardware.
  2 All hardware is VMware certified, therefore no compatibility problems can be expected.
  3 All features can tested due to the fact that a SAN is available.
  4 With additional charges we can obtain a test licence for the virtualising of software for you.
  5 On request, preinstalled virtualization-software can be made available.
  6 you are able to comfortably test directly from your work station, without the hassle of having to drive to and from a test area.
  7 Special configurations, such as direct Internet connection with static IPs are possible. If you would like to test special applications from your peripheral on the virtual infrastructure, we would gladly feed these into your test environment.

Technical Data

The benchmark data for the test environment is as follows:


- Cisco, UCS - Unified Computing System
- HP, DL380 line with different generations.
SAN Switches - Brocade
- Cisco

- Dell Equallogic
- HP
- NetApp

Storage-Software - DataCore SAN-Symphony

- Cisco
- HP Procurve

UPS's - APC (American Power Conversion Corporation)

Specifications and Prices

Detailed specifications about the equipment and their prices can be found under: http://www.d-on-d.com


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